Bad Ass Woman of the Month

Bikini Bad Ass from Bikini Luxe!

**Peixoto Swimwear is a women’s resort and swimwear line that focuses on making women feel sexy without being too revealed, and making her feel confident in her own skin. So much of the understanding of how to portray and cater to women in the swimwear and fashion industry has come directly from the influences of the women who have surrounded founder and CEO Mauricio Esquenazi over the years. To pay tribute to these amazing inspirations, Peixoto and Mauricio will honor one Bad Ass Woman each month!

And now… from Mauricio –

Candice Galek – Bad Ass Bikini Babe!
I have always found myself learning from, being inspired, and motivated by my colleagues in the fashion industry. When I reflect on the people who have had the biggest impact on me these past 6 years… I find so many of them to be women! That’s when I decided I wanted to speak up, and shine a spotlight on the bad ass chicks that have touched Peixoto and influenced both my brand, and me.

My first Bad Ass Woman of the Month goes to my friend, colleague, and inspiration – Candice Galek, founder and CEO of Bikini Luxe – her online swimwear superstore. Beautiful and smart, this bad ass started off working in the industry mostly as a model. The closer she worked with the designers and retailers, the more she found herself being drawn in. Now she is the founder and CEO of her own thriving, successful company.
If you ask her why she did it, she will tell you that she wanted a career that would make her happy every day AND that was challenging enough to keep her interested. That same day, Bikini Luxe was born.

She taught me the challenges of managing inventory levels, and that in order to compete with the large scale brands, you have to find creative ways to outmaneuver them.

I asked her how she felt about women and their role in the fashion industry, and her answer is fascinating… “I believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind to. Fashion, like any other industry, has its business leaders and it’s “side hustle” types. … if you’re going to get into fashion, make sure you’re putting your all into it. Nothing worth having comes easy.”
As a successful entrepreneur, Candice is absolutely proud of being a successful woman in the industry but she looks past gender. She always goes right for the truth – which is, we can all do whatever we put our minds to… the challenge is putting your mind to it!

Thank you Candice for being such an inspiration to me, to your team at Bikini Luxe, and now… to women all over the world! Congratulations on being named one of Forbes top 30 under 30 in the Arts and Fashion. I wish you many more years of success!

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Wear it Right Style Guide

Wear it Right Style Guide!

Versatile, functional fashion is becoming a new norm. You might think you don’t know how to pull it off, but follow this guide and you can easily transition your leisure beach look into a cool street look.

The Suit:

Start with the right suit. We used the St. Kitts 1 pc, which comes in an amazing ‘SailingBlue’. Primary colors are great because they pair easily. This specific suit works great for a few other reasons: perfect cleavage, and a sexy open back.  

The Look:

Choose the right look for you. We were feeling a little bohemian and romantic, so the pairing of thesuit with a high waist, flaired, floral printed pant was a given. This pant comes from H&M’s latest designer collaboration with Kenzo.  The red roses against a black printed background gives her a feminine, but edgy feel.  The flair accentuates your height, while the low back & plunging cleavage add sexy appeal that carry you into the night.


When it comes to loud prints and oversized silhouettes, you don’t want to over accessorize. A wedge works great with a heavy flair and adds more length to your look.  A pair of Ray-Ban shades will complete your bohemian vibe, and have you looking street chic.

Stay tuned for more style-spirations and learn how Peixoto can have you looking amazing more places that just the water. Follow us on IG and Facebook for more looks!

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Gift

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Gift

With the holidays right around the corner you are scrambling to get those last few people crossed off your gift list! So what’s the best gift for your sun-loving, jet-setting bestie? If she lives in a bathing suit, then you can’t go wrong with a bathing suit! But how to choose?

Here’s are the 3 best gifting tips you will ever get:

  1. STAY CLASSIC! It’s really tough to stay on top of the trends, but it’s even tougher to pick which trends your friends are into. Skip the trends, and go for timeless, flattering, and “never-out-of-style” vs. “trending right now.”
  1. SOLIDS! You just cannot tell how a print is going to work on someone else. Does it pick up the wrong pigments? Does it bring attention to unwanted areas? Plus, patterns are personal, so let her choose her own. Solids however… that is a trend you can count on.
  1. BLACK IS ALWAYS RIGHT! Black can always be the answer. Sexy, sleek, sophisticated, understated, bold – it is one color that can be whatever you want it to be. When in doubt… bring black back.

That’s not too hard, right? If you follow these guidelines you can be sure you are giving a gift that she will actually use. To make things even easier… we chose three of our favorite Peixoto suits this year! They are great stocking stuffers and go with just about anything (except a snowstorm!) Happy holidays and happier gifting!

From Left to Right. (click each suit name to shop it online)

St. Kitts 2 PC, THE JADE, Anita 1 PC

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Top 4 Swim Trends Winter 2017


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